About Us



We aim to provide a high quality early childhood education in a home-like, safe and secure environment, so children can develop holistically at their own pace. We have faith in the old saying that “It takes a village to raise a child”.

At Little Climbers Ltd we believe that by developing a responsive and reciprocal relationship between parents, whanau, educators and programme coordinators, we can provide an inclusive environment where children have rights to protection and promotion of their health and wellbeing, equitable access to learning opportunities, recognition of their language, culture and identity and increasingly, to action in their own lives.


  • Relationship:

    At Little Climbers, we empower a close and trusting relationship between your child and caregiver, fostering strong emotional development and attachment.

  • Cultural diversity/ Inclusion:

    At Little climbers the value of culture is taught.

  • Equity:

    We believe in providing equal opportunity to every child irrespective of gender, ability, age ethnicity and background.

  • Environment:

    We strive to provide a safe, secure, responsive, and nurturing environment to support the learning and development of infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

  • Play:

    Learning which takes place in the context of play and experiences, stays with us throughout our lives.

The curriculum delivered by our Educators is of a consistent and high in standard that complement and implement Te Whariki, the New Zealand early childhood education curriculum. Our curriculum is based on the interests and needs of the children. Therefore, each educator works together with the child’s family and programme coordinator to plan, implement and evaluate an individualized program for each child.


  • Provides a positive learning environment that is consistent with current research and theory in ECE.

  • Encourages children to be confident in their own culture and develop an understanding, and respect for other cultures.

  • Acknowledges and reflects the unique place of Maori as tangata whenua.

  • Respects and acknowledges the aspirations of parents, family and whanau.

Curriculum assessment and planning is documented and evident in the Child Learning Journey Portfolio's. Parents/whanau will be encouraged to be involved in the process every time a new programme plan is written for their child, by contributing in the Child Learning Journey Portfolio's.